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First Wholesale LLC

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1280 Dekalb Ave,
Brooklyn , NY 11221 UNITED STATES

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NYWholesaleScarves has been in the fashion accessories industry since 2001. We sell our products to over 10,000 boutique and specialty stores in the United States and around the world. We specialize in bringing the latest fashion in scarves, Hats and caps to our wholesale customers at great prices.

Now these same quality scarves and fashion accessories are available to you at a wholesale price on our website! Whether you are looking for pashminas, wraps, ponchos or pareos, this is the source for all your needs.


First Wholesale LLC 718-386-1618
1280 Dekalb Ave,
Brooklyn , NY 11221 UNITED STATES
First Wholesale LLC

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First Wholesale LLC
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First Wholesale LLC

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